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confirmed – guthrie v the united states has bitten the dust.

current score 206 – 0 and counting

still, `any…..day….now!´


This is sad and doesn’t speak well for what is happening in America. 206 times in court and the Kenyan WonderBoy still hasn’t provided any original records.

The Obama regime looks like the reincarnation of the German 3rd Reich. The courts, judges, congress. and most of the media are afraid to do or say anything about the tyranny taking over America.

What has happened to roadburner? On or about the end of February he talked alot of smack – typical for an Obot. I challenged him to walk his talk. It now has been 2 weeks. Looks like another blowhard Obot who cut & run. It never fails, everytime over the past 4 years when I get 1 of the loonytune Obots isolated going head to head, after a few rounds of reaming they crawl away like a ruptured duck, hold their tush.

oh i´ve not been far away, just trying to stop the pain from my splitting sides as idiots like you twinky flail about on the last ditch `any…day…now!´ moment.

oily titz had grinols dismissed today…what´s that make? oh yes 205 losses to no wins and 2 elections.

even corsi has got off the bus to birferstan saying it´s a waste of time, though personally i believe it´s because the birfoons have become that much of a minority there´s not that much money to be made from them any more.

arpaio has been really quiet and seems to be fading into the background leaving used car salesman zullo to hold another press conference with gallups. ain´t you worked out these people are conning you? it´s over a year and the CCCP is saying the same shit in their press conferences and never pushing for prosecution. when they´ve been given the chance to appear as witnesses in other birfoon cases, they´ve refused every time! this is because they know their evidence isn´t worth a plugged nickel in a depression!

so there you have it twinky, the end of the birfoons. and you´ll be there, immortalised in the birfoon blogs as a perfect case of a moron taken for a ride by conmen.

couldn´t happen to a better person really


Yeah, sure, heard that excuse before from Obots. I seen you over on Dr. Con’s propaganda site letting it cool off. Had I known you were in so much pain when you left here I would of recommended what I always do to Obots I’ve reamed for a few rounds: Preparation H

Yep, over 200 cases and still hiding his records. You have any idea how bad that looks for America? People from other countries are laughing and saying we have a GirlieMan in our White House.

Apparently you’re not paying attention to the Pastor Gallups-Mike Zullo videos posted at The Birther Report. Your precious long form COLB has definitely, without any doubts, been found by law enforcement to be a forgery.

I’m having a vision of Leavenworth in your Dear Leader’s future. He can start his Lie-brary there since he’ll have so much time on his hands. He already has 2 books for the Comedy-Fiction Section.

As always,
Rambo Ike {riding roughshod over Obot ignorance & deceit]

`Your precious long form COLB has definitely, without any doubts, been found by law enforcement to be a forgery.´

simple reply for you.

name one accredited forensic document analyst working for law enforcement who has examined the LFBC hard copy issued by the hawaii DOH (signed, sealed, witnessed, and verified 3 times).

while you´re flailing about unable to answer (which i can guaranetee you wont) i´d suggest you save the prep h for yourself twinky.

because as you can´t name one, that means you´ve been well and truly reamed – by the birfoon conmen you worship.

still, i suppose a sore asshole from being reamed matches the sandy vag over losing 2 elections.

hey! ain´t you lucky twinky! you´ve got a matching pair now!

I have no idea what tests were done by experts. Only that it has been stated by Zullo of the CCP the copy is a forgery. Which leads me to conclude that only the release of what is alleged to be on file [mircofische ?] has to be released for forensic experts to test it and compare it to the copy.

You’ve run around the internet brazenly touting on different sites the long form birth copy as the genuine real deal without anything to back it up. You have no proof of what it’s a copy of, only that people have told you [hearsay] that it’s a copy of Obama’s birth certificate that is on file.

The Nordyke Twins were born about the same time that Obama is alleged to be born in Hawaii, or so stated by a number of sources. Did you notice the difference in the official statements at the bottom of the Nordyke’s copy & Obama’s copy? The Nordykes’ says “This certifies that the above is a true and correct copy of the original record on file.” Obama’s says “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of health.”~Alvin T. Onaki, Ph.D.

Notice on Obama’s it does not say “original record” thus leaving it open to speculate if that true copy is actually of a record that was placed in the files at a later or much later date, that is if one even exists. Then there’s the word “abstract”. According to the dictionary it’s defined as “not concrete, theoretical in nature, or an idea that is separate from reality”.

I should take pity on minds as weak as yours but I’m laughing too hard at the moment seeing Obama & propaganda-meisters like Dr. Con continue to punk ya. They take you to Camp Hump ’em Running and you like it. I’m sure they appreciate how useful you’ve been.

you really don´t get it, do you twinky?

the crazy clown posse has never had ….

a) a hard copy of your president´s LFBC
b) an accredited forensic document analyst
c) an accredited forensic computer analyst

now, let look at something you seem to hate – the constitution
you are aware of the full faith and credit clause, as i´ve told you about it before, but i´ll reiterate as you´re a bit thick. this means that state generated documents are considered prima facie evidence of fact in every state.

ok, i take it you´ve got this far without drooling on your sneakers with a blank expression on your face, so we´ll continue.

as the crazy clown posse lacks (a) and (b) no claim of forgery can be made. as has been explained to birfoons regually, a PDF is NOT your president´s BC, but simply and image of it – a picture. no accredited forensic document analyst would EVER try to claim a document is a forgery based on an image rather than looking at the hard copy (read the report on the fax´s concerning GW´s military service, and the document experts opinion concerning trying to verify their authenticity as it explains this perfectly) as it would constitute a breach of ethics and they would never get another job.

ok, sneakers still dry twinky?…

the crazy clown posse also lacks (c). a person who contributed to 3 books on photoshop and a scanner salesman are NOT accredtied experts. legally they can express an opinion, but not an expert opinion due to their lack of credentials in the field in which they would be giving evidence.

without (a),(b), and (c), giving expert testimony, the crazy clown posse will NEVER get a subpoena to examine vault records in hawaii, as it would require the testimony of recognised and accredited experts to overturn the FF&C clause of the constitution (remember that inconvenient thing?)

i can see your sneakers beginning to show drips twinky! wake up and pay attention – this bit is relevent.

remember zullo going to the hawaii DOH and being told to FOAD at the door because they had no juristiction and no court paperwork to see your president´s vault BC? there´s a reason for that – they had no expert testimony to get a court order with, and they still don´t, hence why all they´re still doing is holding press conferences and asking for donations from knuckle-draggers like you.

so there you have it twinky, the full picture of why your dreams of an `any…day…now!´ moment are doomed to fail, and it´s down to that nasty constitution you hate so much saying that both BC´s and the 3 letters of verification from the hawaii DOH are genuine, despite any semantics you´d like to spin on them.

and it´s quite amazing that after nearly 5 years you still are too thick to grasp it.

you can wipe your sneakers and reach for the prep-h now twinky

I get it. Your long Spiel of Spin is to cover for the fact you have no verifiable proof to offer.

don´t pout twinky!

over a month and that´s the best you have?

no verifiable proof? what planet are you living on? the proof of validity of both the COLB and LFBC hard copies is supplied by the constitution. are you so stupid that you STILL don´t understand the FF&C clause of the constitution?

likewise, verification has been given in writing by the issueing authority 3 times, those letters also covered by the FF&C clause of the constitution.

legally, under u.s. law, that´s all the proof needed.

the problem you and the rest of the knuckle-draggers have is that you have NOTHING to counter this with. you see, under u.s. law, the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused, and if the crazy clown posse want something to trump the FF&C clause, they´d better come up with it.

but i suppose holding press conferences guarantees a few more paypal clicks, something that would dry up if they ever tried to take their `evidence´ to court and had it shown to be the bullshit it is.

haven´t you worked out yet they are assfucking you dry, and not even giving you a reach-around?

if you´re tired of having a sore ass after 5 years, get onto zullo and co and get them to put up or shut up, because all they´re doing is stringing along you and the rest of the birferstanis

I swear your words look gay like there coming from McKinnion, the Kiddie-Porn Pervert.

When I look at your Spiel of Spin all I’m seeing is a Hologram used as cover for the afro-marxist muslim messiah, aka your homey illegally squatting in the White House of We, the American People.

When I reach through the Hologram, feel around for conclusive incontrovertible proof, I can’t find any.

You’re not the only bootlicker with your lips surgically attached to Obama’s booty peddling this tripe. I got ehancock & slarifartfast doing it at other sites.

that the best you got twinky? resorting to the classic birfoon comeback of `you´re gay´ and accusations of pedophilia? funny, but you bunch of retards always seem to fall back on the accusations of homosexuality when you´ve had your asses roundly kicked.

you´re forgetting something as well – it was `we the people´ who elected president obama in accordance with the constitution – twice!

the birfoons are not in any stretch of the imagination even close to the numbers who elected president obama and then re-elected him. birfoons are a small minority, as illustrated by birtherfest being cancelled due to lack of ticket sales, oily titz protest only having 3 people including her, and a protest on a bridge of 12 people making a headline on birther report!

we the people have spoken, and consider you birfoons and your flailing and whining as pathetic.

and this is why barack hussein obama is your president and commander in chief, as chosen by we the people in accordance with the constitution, and is currently the occupant of the white house.

and you are just a joke with a sandy vag and a sore ass whining about it on the web.

never mind twinky, less than 4 years to go LOL!

oh, and just seen slarti´s reply to you on the birther think tank.

you´ve just been thrashed like a red-headed stepchild



No, it’s not the best I got. Buttt, I realized a long time ago, you, the Road Bummer, was one the useful idiot obot lapdogs that have been opening wide and swallowing all the useless misleading tripe coming from your propaganda meisters. As a result you have provided some mindless entertainment value when I needed to take a break from my serious online study of the many political issues I’m following.

History is repeat with examples of masses of people being fooled into taking part in their own destruction. Present day America is not exempt from being listed in future history books as one of those examples.

Connecting McKinnion to pedophilia? Wow, who would a thought a fellow traveling comrade would of done that to him.

The Constitution cannot provide proof that a COLB or a digital image that is said to be a copy of the LFBC is valid. Only the release of the original 1961 record alleged to be on file can do that.

Now we have a court certified document expert stating the digital production of the LFBC is a complete 100% forgery. Obots run around the internet proclaiming from their pinheads that’s the proof for their Dear Leader’s claim to the presidency. Yet, after 207 lawsuits he won’t submit their precious proof in a court of law. How sick is that? Oh, about as sick as McKinnion’s 800 MB collection of kiddie-porn material.

Slartifartfast reply thrashed me? Maybe there’s one I didn’t see. Due to the number of issues I’m following and limit time I do miss alot of replies. Point out where it’s at. At this present time it looks like Slartifartfast developed facepalm and has cut & run after being giving numerous chances to list “original records” Obama has released, was caught lying about immigration and the constant use of the race-bigot card.

Re: The Maximus post of February 18, 2013 at 5:41 pm: “It appears that this website is doing swimmingly poor. Tracy isn’t any better at running a website than she is at winning lawsuits.”

I’ve looked it over and Tracy has done very good at putting it together. Her facts on the illegal presently squatting in the White House of We the People are irrefutable.

The useful idiot Obots [aka: the blind leading the blind]in this forum regurgitating talking points they’ve swallowed from their leftist propaganda masters have been easily debunked. Their only value has been to provide us some mindless entertainment for laughs.

It appears that this website is doing swimmingly poor. Tracy isn’t any better at running a website than she is at winning lawsuits.

So once again poor Orly Taitz loses once again in court – the Supreme Court this time! Stupid birthers have yet to win 1 court case, so far they have lost nearly 200. Will they ever learn to stop lying? How about you Tracy, when are you going to stop telling lies about President Obama?

sibley also bit the dust today keeping the unbroken record of fail alive!

god it must suck being a birfoon!

😀 LOL!

oh, and taitz v DPM also bit the dust yesterday.

201 and 2 elections now!

but `any….day….now!´

so where´s twinky? figured he´d be on whining about african-american clerks or something like that…maybe he´s still salving his sore vag.

We have to look at the “bottom line”. With everything that has been said and done after 4 1/2 years we still have all the important records of your Dear Leader ObummO still sealed away from the America public. As your spiritual leader, the marxist-minded propagandist Dr. Con stated to me on his blog site, “we can’t tell if a copy of a record is genuine without having the original to compare it to”. Are you ObummO bootlickers disagreeing with that?

It’s a down right shame. I almost feel sorry for some of you Obots who have become brainwashed useful idiots for your propaganda masters and go around the internet parroting their lunacy.

So the short answer to all your excuse making is that you cannot produce any original records that would verify the copies to be genuine.

“prima facie evidence”
n. Law
Evidence that would, if uncontested, establish a fact or raise a presumption of a fact.

Has your prima facie evidence been contested?

Do you really believe ObummO evolved from a monkey?

oh dear twinky, you really don´t understand the law, do you?

just because some unqualified birfoons looking for an excuse say they don´t like the signed, sealed, and witnessed LFBC copy made by the hawaii DOH, or the COLB, signed and sealed by the hawaii DOH, does not constitute being contested. to be contested, there has to be expert evidence that the document is in some way a fake…and how many accredited forensics experts have said that the hard copy is a fake?….yep, none!

so, you see twinky, as far as getting anywhere with the birfoon cause goes, you´re getting contiually assfucked with no lube. 201 times now.

still, less than 4 years to go and you can vote again. but until then, barack hussein obama II remains your president and commander in chief.

got enough vaginal salve for that long twinky?

What I don’t understand is why a penis-puffer such as yourself is so obsessed over vaginals.

And since you keep bringing up the subject, maybe you can explain this:


Could that be the reason ObummO takes off to be with Reggie? Lmao.

If your prima facie evidence is so good then why hasn’t it been used in court cases?

actually twinky, if you look back to the georgia hearing, the WH PDF was presented into evidence as a true representation of your presidents BC and accepted with no objections from oily titz nor anybody, and is now a matter of court record that no-one has challenged since.

ironic, but it was the 2 parent birfoons that entered it as evidence to support their case, effectively throwing the rest of you cretins under the bus.

and my obsession with your vagina?

well, quite simply the rest of the normal people who didn´t vote for your president (me included) had the balls to live with it and get on with life. but it would appear that after you and the birfoons losing 201 cases and hearings plus 2 elections, you still don´t have the balls to admit you´re wrong, even when you get shown the law and SCOTUS precedent in big easy to read words.

so, if you have no balls, you must have a vagina, and oh my god! has it been sandy since 2008!

never mind twinky, less than 4 years to go.

Are you taking lessons from Goebbels, Stalin’s TASS, Dr. Con & Fatty McKinnion? You need to provide some documented proof the copy was used as evidence. Here’s what I have:

On Jan. 19, Hatfield filed a Notice to Produce, requiring Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate and all passport, university, birth and Illinois State Bar records, among others. Executive order 13489, which Obama filed his second day in office, ordered that Presidential records should not be disclosed without the President’s permission, except by court order. According to the Daily Report, Taitz said after the hearing, “This man is just making a joke out of this country. He’s showing tremendous disrespect to the whole nation. Mr. Obama had an opportunity to appear here and show valid documents, certified docs, with embossed seals… He chose to present nothing, which shows that he has nothing. He does not have any valid documents.”


Checking further with some knowlegeable people on this issue they stated that they were unaware of the original or any copy being used in the courts as proof of eligibility.

You never explained what I asked you regarding Mooch. ~grin~

I’ve looked it over and Tracy has done very good at putting it together. Her facts on the illegal presently squatting in the White House of We the People are irrefutable.

The useful idiot Obots [aka: the blind leading the blind]in this forum regurgitating talking points they’ve swallowed from their leftist propaganda masters have been easily debunked. Their only value has been to provide us some mindless entertainment for laughs.

`You need to provide some documented proof the copy was used as evidence´

check the court records of the georgia hearing, and you´ll see van irion presented the LFBC PDF as a true copy as he was representing a 2 parent birfoon, and it helped his case.

didn´t help oily titz though, and he effectively threw her under the bus.

the executive order you´re making so much noise about is the same executive order that has been signed by presidents for god knows how long, sealing presidential records, not personal records. there is a difference twinky, though it appears you fail to understand that.
plus, that list of what they want to see bears no relevence to presidential eligability and are sealed by law in exactly the same way yours are. and as they bear no relevence, you´d never get a court order to unseal them.

too bad, so sad.

you see, that´s the way the law works in the real world as opposed to the fantasy world of you, tracey here, and the likes of incompetents like oily titz.

got enough salve to keep going until 2017 twinky? ROFLMFAO!

Is anyone surprised Oily Titz lost yet another court case? The surprise would be that she won one, but as all she and other birfers have are lies they will never win a court case! Obama will remain the president until he finishes his trm, and there is nothing stupid birfers can do about that.

oh dear, once again poor orly loses in court, California this time!

It’s official: Obama has committed felony forgery.


Sheriff Joe stated a 10 year old could figure out the document is a forgery. Exactly.

What is felony forgery? It’s the act of purposely altering or changing any information on a legal document with the intent to defraud.

Only question that remains: Should Obama serve the rest of his life in a federal prison or be allowed to return to his beloved Kenya?

Will Mooch be happy doing housekeeping in a mud hut?

Poor birthers, they still do not realise the picture of Obama’s bc that was posted is NOT a legal document….

This is why their silly claims of it being a forgery are ignored by everyone else!

There lies the problem. In order to be a legal president your Dear Leader has to provide the original legal documents, not photo copies subject to manipulation [forged].

When you went to the welfare office to sign up for the checks and food stamps didn’t you need to provide some legal documents as to who you were?

Actually, that is birthers problem. Where in the constitution does it say amyone has to provide some document. Also you are not even aware no one has a “original” birth certificate, all are copies!

well, you´ve now got 4 more years to build your fantasies on twinky….barack hussein obama II has been confirmed as president and commander in chief.

and oily titz lost again – big shock there.

tell me, how do you birfoons actually deal with being proven wrong and losing every time?

This is a no-brainer. 5 years and still afraid to release original documents/records that any normal person would if questioned about their citizenship status. Congress gave your Dear Leader an Affirmative Action Pass because he wouldn’t produce what the American people asked for. The courts/judges are too imtimidated.

Poor child, please show us all the same documents released by all previous presidents…. funny how as soon as we get the first black president all the racists start demanding he presents all sorts of documents. He will be your President for 4 more years, and all your pathetic whining will not change that fact.

aw twinky! still sore bout the election results where the majority of voters rejected your silliness?

you´re right about one thing – it is a no brainer.

no-one with a brain would have continued on the bus to birferstan after your president released more documentation thatn any other sitting president in u.s. history and those documents being verified 3 times, and all of this package being prima facie evidence of fact and admissable without question as per the FF&C clause of the constitution.

this is why people like yourselves contnue to sit alone in front of their computers and make noise, why 198 (and counting) cases have gone against you, why you lost 2 elections, and why birfoon rallies have less people attending than would fill 2 minibusses (or one short bus, which would be more apt).

you´re in a minority twinky, just like tracey here. being a loud vocal minority doesnt change anything – barack hussein obama II is still your presdent and commander in chief.

So poor Orly loses yet another case, the Californian Supreme court told her to go away. When will birthers stop and realise that their constantly posting of lies about Obama just make them look stupid.

You have a lot of hate in you, you refuse to accept that the USA elected a black man for President. Then he was re-elected. Obviously from your website you think blacks are only good to be slaves. All birther court cases have failed, that is because all birthers have is lies. Obama is a natural born US citizen, his birth certificates were not forged (as shown by every court that silly claim has been made in) and birthers are just racists.

It ain’t that they elected a BLACK man, it’s that they elected the WRONG black man!


I’d like to change my 2016 ticket to:

Carson/Gowdy 2016

Prove to me that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, YOU CAN’T!

So get lost Obot!

ll explained here http://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/recent-rulings-definition-natural-born-citizen-2/

But of course you want to ignore the constitution and all the court decisions!

prove to us he isn´t tracey! YOU CAN´T!

you lose birfoon!

170 times with no wins

and 2 elections.

get used to it – the american electorate spoke.

The facts are all over my site, go read them!

it´s a pity for you that what you consider facts, and what the reality is regarding facts are 2 mutually exclusive concepts tracey.

seems congress agrees as well – no objections

looks like your president will be serving his next 4 years after all

Unfortunately, your facts don’t even qualify for fiction.

Oh no, not this mindless chit again! We’ve heard it a million times from those kneeling in worship at the Altar of Marxist-ObummOism. Since early 2008 the useful idiot Obots sound like a broken record: If you’re not on your knees with us praising our lord & savior, the Obama messiah, then you are a “Racist”. Sheesh, get over yourselves.

twinky! i knew it wouldn´t be long before you came to worship at tracey´s feet!

thought you was going to settle in to some mutual stroking without opposition?

too bad twinky, wherever there are asshole seditionist birfoons, there are true patriots ready to make them look the fools that they are.

the same as you are shown to be a fool – regually.

Laughing at the regurgitation of mindless babble you get from your propaganda masters, and you call that opposition. Adding true patriot to Obot is an oxymoron of the highest order.

no twinky, laughing at the regurgitation of bullshit legal theories by clueless morons who haven´t even read their own constitution, and the repeted rejection by courts is what patriots consider entertainment.

it´s all the more funny when the `support of the american people´ is shown to be so great that their events get cancelled due to lack of ticket sales, and their `mass rallies´ wouldn´t fill 2 minibusses.

this is it twinky, the birfoon movement is a joke, their lies are a joke, and their theories are a joke.

thankfully seditionist chicken littles such as yourself are in a minority (hence your president being re-elected), but there´s enough of you idiots to get our daily giggles from

Obots are amusing. Roadburner spews 4 paragraphs of psycho-babble trying his best to cover for his lord & savior, but he knows after over for 4 years of kneeling in worship at the Altar of Marxist-ObummOism how ashamed he is that his Obama messiah cut & run from the $5 million Trump Challenge.

don´t you mean the trump self-promotion challenge?

your president quite rightly treated with the contept it deserved, and ignored it.

trump said he´d pay up if it was to HIS satisfaction – meaning he wouldn´t pay because like other birfoons, he´d never be satisfied with anything your president produced and would immediately scream `fake´ in exactly the same way that the birfoons did when hawaii sent out the LFBC copy. the birfoons were screaming `fake´before anyone had even seen it!

in that respect trump has about as much honesty as farrah at WND – he still hasn´t paid up either 3 years later.

so anyway twinky, how does the reality grab you of the next 4 years of having barack hussein obama II as POTUS and commander in chief as chosen by the majority of the electorate? sandy vag still bugging you?

All the tripe you spew can’t cover for the shame you’re feeling knowing your Dear Leader cut & run from the honorable $5 Million Trump Challenge. Sure glad he isn’t my marxist messiah.

no twinky, he treated it with the contempt it deserved.

you do realise that everyone outside birferstan was laughing at him, and by association, you?

That’s what your talking heads in the government controlled media have brainwashed you useful idiot Obots into believing. They went into damage control over it, fed you the propaganda and you opened and swallowed with no questions asked. Only someone totally terrified at being exposed as a fraud would of turned down the $5 million challenge. Trump had no problem producing the document for Mahre.

and when Trump produced his VALID BC, it had VOID VOID VOID all over it but because he’s a white feller, we know it has to be legitimate even though it isn’t the long form.

funny twinky, but if your president had released the same type of BC as trump did, you´d have had apoplexy and been bouncing off the walls.
that´s why your president presented legal copies of his COLB and LFBC, both signed and sealed by the hawaii DOH, and why the hawaii DOH was able to verify their authenticity by 3 letters

this means trump (like you) is an idiot, and barack hussein obama II is your president and commander in chief at least until 2017.

198 cases now lost BTW but… any..day..now, eh? LOL

I think it should be Deslave America instead of Unslave America. Unslave sounds like the slaves are just unconventional (like 7-up the Uncola) whereas deslave would be to get rid of them.

Little too late to change it now, plus the U.S.A acronym wouldn’t work with that name!

Deslave America would work, even with the acronym. Then the acronym would be “dumb stupid assholes” and that does describe birthers to a T.

This is the most sensible thing that Tracey has said.

8 more years FDR Style!!!!!!!

You are pathetic!

You morons made a BIG mistake and when the truth comes out that Obama is not eligible, there won’t be enough rocks for all you Constitution haters to hide under!

any day now, eh tracey?

just like we´ve been hearing fr the last 4 years

ah well, thanks for the entertainment at least

You are hilarious.

any. day. now. Tracey is going to be the clear winner in this one. Once she exposes the usurper, she will then get that one police officer she knows to arrest all Obummer voters. Then you Obutts will see.

well, president barack hussein obama II was sworn in again as president of the united states and commander in chief today, and starts his second term.

And the birfers will hate that, with about 200 failed court cases you think by now they will have learnt that what they claim as fact are actually lies….

did you see the c-span footage of oily titz protest in washington?

3 people! and that was including her! ROFLMFAO!

no doubts she´ll be trying to sell DVD´s of her `historic washinton dc protest´ on her website next


Yes, I saw it. For birfers that was a HUGE demonstration – it really shows how much support the stupid birfers actually have.